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Thompson Quality

When you hire Thompson Painting, you ensure your home will receive truly professional attention from a company with over 45 years experience in painting and paperhanging. Family-owned and operated since its founding,

Thompson Painting remains committed to quality and customer satisfaction. Thompson Painting offers clients the services of a talented painting staff boasting decades of experience. And that experience really does make a difference. Because whether your home needs interior or exterior paint or new wallpaper, you can rest assured that Thompson Painting will do the job by the book, from prep work through cleanup. Thompson Painting staffers are clean-cut and punctual. They show up on time and do the job right. They are true painting professionals.

With Thompson Painting, quality still matters.

“Whether your home is worth $20,000 or $20 million, you can be assured all of your possessions—furniture, paintings, floorings and just about anything else—are in good hands,” company president Richard W. Thompson Jr. says. “We emphasize prep work—and protecting what’s already there.”

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